Our Partners

As the definition of collective intelligence has it: ‘No-one knows everything, but everyone knows something’.

EVRYTHNG believes in Web of Things openness and an ecosystem of best-in-class partners.
If you’re interested in a partner relationship with us then please get in touch.


EVRYTHNG and ARM have worked together to provide Active Digital Identities™ for ARM's mbed devices. Now developers can control and interact with connected products using mbed via the Web.

IBM and EVRYTHNG are working together in a consortium to create a Web of Things™ marketplace, where smart objects can be integrated with online services and applications.

Deutsche Telekom selected EVRYTHNG for its M2M Partner Program to develop applications and solutions for enterprises.


EVRYTHNG is partnered with the World Wide Web Consortium in a European Web of Things™ research project , developing protocols for smart objects to integrate with services and applications.

EVRYTHNG is working with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association to power smarter marketing and supply chain operations through Web-connected packaging technologies.


ETH Zürich has been a partner and collaborator in R&D on the Web of Things™ project and co-organizer of our Web of Things™ workshops.


EVRYTHNG partners with agencies, consultants and integrators working with world-leading brands. If you'd like to work together then please get in touch.