Give every product a shareable, interactive
web presence that drives reach and sales.

People already share their product passions on social networks, but now their friends can interact directly with a virtual version of the object itself. When a customer digitally connects with their product (by ‘checking-in’ to it using a smartphone), it automatically creates a dynamic, virtual instance of the product which appears in the owner’s social event streams, like an avatar in a game. This digital ‘social object’ can be updated with real-time information, with comments, likes, re-shares, or digital content like photos, stored on each individual product’s Active Digital Identity™ profile.

Key features

  • Supports user-generated content on social networks such as likes, re-shares, comments, images, video or text, attached to the product.
  • Supports real-time information from or about the product itself - so the digital avatar for a guitar would know what songs it has been playing and how long it's been jamming.
  • Provides simple customer experiences on smart mobile devices, and all kinds of product interaction on mobile web, native mobile or desktop web interfaces.
  • Works with a wide range of product identifiers, including 1D barcodes, QR codes, serial or tracking numbers, active/passive RFID, and NFC tags.
  • Straightforward integration with existing product information web sites and presence on all social networks.
  • Connects directly with enterprise CRM, content management and analytics systems, and integrates with moderation and support processes.
  • Measure and track customer engagement metrics in real-time.

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Key benefits

  • EXTENDED REACH: Reach new customers through your existing customer relationships and their social networks.
  • DIFFERENTATION: Differentiate the product value proposition with social benefits to your customer.
  • AMPLIFICATION: Amplify product awareness, reach and sales.
  • SOCIAL PLATFORM: Create new entry points to product purchase and engagement from social networks.
  • CUSTOMER DATA: Capture customer information and analytics as customers digitally connect with your product.
  • SPEED TO MARKET: Go-to-market fast with smart tagging solutions ready to work with your brand design templates, and product labelling and packaging processes.

Included in all EVRYTHNG applications:

  • VOLUME: The ability to manage any number of Active Digital Identities™ for your products in the EVRYTHNG software engine - from thousands to tens of millions or more.
  • INFORMATION: The ability to attach any amount of digitized product information to your products - from warranties, spec sheets and manuals, to community tips and How-Tos.
  • ANALYTICS: A customizable analytics dashboard to track real-time product interactions during manufacture and distribution, with retailers, or how they are being used and socialized by end-customers.

A Bike With It's Own Social Life Online

When you check-in to your product - be it a bike, a bag or a bottle of beer, you create a virtual object for that product which lives in your social event streams. The object can be dynamic and be tied to what you're doing with the physical product in the real world. So your 'virtual bike' could display the miles you've travelled today and the routes you've taken.

By creating a digital persona or avatar for the product, personalized content, apps, and services can be activated specifically for you and your product. And this information gets richer and more personalized over time, based on the stored profile data created by each new interactions, layers of real-time social data, and other business rules that trigger the delivery of new content and services (temperature, proximity, weather, location, time of day, etc).

So if want to sell your bike, you'll expect it to tell you how much its worth on eBay right now and let you sell it with a digital locker full of service history, warranty and receipts, not to mention photos and route maps of the amazing rides you've taken it on.

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